Reef Express Mission Beach

Fast adventure tour to the Great Barrier Reef with approximately 45 minutes travel time to outer reef stopping along the way to look at Dolphins, Whales or other marine life.

Spend more time at the reef and less travel time!

With a maximum of 12 passengers this is a genuine  private, personal and relaxed atmosphere tour.

Very few vessels take such small groups so we are truly unique.


Snorkel Adventure

Three hours of fascinating snorkel time at 3 different locations.

Normally we see turtles gliding over the reef or taking a nap amongst the corals while  dolphins can visit us for a play.

We are an adventure company so we love to help you find all the amazing creatures you wish to see such as turtles, clownfish, giant clams , spectacular corals and colorful fish. Up to date reef information supplied.

Our snorkel guide will be in the water with you ensuring your comfort and safety during your unique adventure.

We cater for all age groups and abilities and we like to ensure everyone is having a great day.

Snorkel Adventure $158.00 adults, Kids $128.00 4-12yr old


Drift Snorkel

The longest snorkel we know of in Australia, unique to Reef Express!

Get ready to see a whole lot more in your day.

Float along ocean currents viewing  coral reef edges and drop-offs for 3 hours with an in-water snorkel guide, while the boat follows along  if you need to take a break at any time.

You will see more of the Great Barrier Reef than you can possibly imagine.

Drift along for up to 2km,  get ready to see a whole lot more in your day.

Drift Snorkel $185.00 Adults, $99.00 Kids 8-12 yr old



Contact Details:

Reef Express Mission Beach
Mission Beach QLD 4852

Mobile: 0408 990 600




  • Snorkelling
  • Fish feeding
  • Whale watching
  • Small groups
  • Free gear


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