Indian Myna

"indian myna" "mission beach"The Indian Myna has been a subject of some debate recently. It seems some foolish people hold the view that these introduced pests are welcome to overrun our gardens and villages with their aggressive ways. The Indian Myna is a member of the Starling family and has the intelligence and adaptive ability of these birds, making it a dangerous pest second only to the Cane Toad in capacity for destruction of native wildlife. The birds displace native species from nesting hollows as well as utilizing human roofing for nesting which brings disease carrying properties into human contact.

These pests are spreading and we need to be more diligent with eradication of the species locally.

Good luck and good birding
Adrian Walker aka Professor Birdbrain

Adrian’s book – Birds of Mission Beach and environs is available through the Mission Beach Visitor Centre at $7.00 plus postage. To purchase call on 07 4068 7099 or email

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Mission Beach Tourism is the region’s peak tourism body, facilitating memberships, promoting sustainable tourism development and marketing this wonderful destination across Australia and around the world.
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